Everyone's played it. Well, everyone but me, but I don't need to, they've told me how it's played.

But I wonder, for the time and effort spent mastering the game, wouldn't it be better to learn to play the guitar and become a REAL guitar hero?

Then you wouldn't be playing the game.....

Or - wait - maybe as part of the game package they could sell a filter - the cable from your electric guitar would run through the filter before running back to the console, and as you "passed" on various levels it would get progressively harder. The filter would convert and compare you're notes to those expected by the game. Same karaoke style, with images of your favorite band playing, chords along the bottom, but instead of learning how to do nothing on a plastic imitation guitar, you'd actually be learning how to play songs by the Beatles, Arrowsmith, whoever...

Now that would be a game. And you'd learn something. You'd have to provide your own guitar, but that's minor.

Or other games. Why are there no world-building games? Games where you learn to build bridges and buildings, high rises, and as part of the learning you need to know the properties of metals, materials, alloys, you need to learn remedial and then advanced physics, any gaming system now could handle it. It would be grooming a future generation of engineers and architects.

I suppose the point of this is, why must entertainment and education be separate? Why don't they integrate the two? Especially given how easy a tablet education is to take when you enjoy learning - and everyone (ahem) enjoys computer games, don't they? Why don't computer games teach skills that can be translated into THE REAL WORLD, I suppose is the point of this.

Just a thought.