My resume could use some work. My brother, he's successfully employed, by which I mean he makes ridiculous sums of money in a corporate daycare. He's a little more socially acceptable than I am, be blends in, doesn't make waves.

I'm generally not so easygoing.

He's sent me a list of action words I should be using in my resume, the same words that everyone else uses, they'll help drive it up in the recruiters ranking.

Words like "Reported, Resolved, Suggested, Summarized", you get the idea. BORING.

So I've compiled my own list of Resume Action Words, not all of which are applicable but they sure are a damned site more interesting.

Feel free to use them on your own resume:

Overthrew, conspired, insurrection, subverted, procrastinated, napped, guillotined, executed, argued, obfuscated, indoctrinated,  tortured, vilified, cautioned, pestered, annoyed, obstructed, broke, crashed, quit, failed, discouraged, destroyed, embezzled, defrauded, assaulted, sued, litigated, misallocated, misappropriated, unionize, prevaricated, demoted, insubordinated, degraded, humiliated, revolted, convicted, denied, deceived, conspired, emancipated, impeached, ...

There are more.  You get the idea.