A supposed "Day off" but there's work to do, web projects, not mine but other peoples, and so the day is devoured. 

Up at 7:00, news, by 8:00 am working away, it's mostly mindless editing, copy-pasting, but it's very mindlessness is what makes it so grueling.

9:00 break to go and get dry cleaning, 7/11 for breakfast (my dreams of my mortality are fast becoming prophecy), home, eat, some more work, nap.

Wake up, slow to wake, shave, bath, I'm multitasking.

I'm liking how I have the hang of this. While waiting for the bath to run I copy-paste some more, smoke some cigarettes, listen to some podcasts (CHINK - Master Lee & Stephen Fry - What I'd wish I'd known when I was 18), download music for the bosses nephew (a different posting), then have my bath.

After bath head off to the Uxbridge Postal Outlet - a parcel for me...a forgotten about ebay purchase.

My Milagros are here. It's a small box, heavily wrapped in duct tape, 2" X 2" by 4" long, but when I cut through all the cardboard and duct tape, sure enough, there are my Milagros. And easily 500 of them, all sorts, turnips, carrots, saints, hearts of every description, arms, legs, more saints, livestock, it goes on and on. My shrine will be the best shrine in all the world, when I complete it, which is a bit up in the air at the moment with the impending move and all. I have to get to the hardware store and buy some plywood and make a more portable shrine that I can take with me on these many moves....

I get some groceries while I'm there - mouthwash, toothpaste, hair wax.

Then home via 7/11 for an afternoon snack. It's now 3:30.

Probably I should nap again but the previous coffee following the previous nap woke me up.

So I hack away some more. I keep promising myself that I'll call a stop to it, just copy-paste a few more lines, but I want it done....

7:00, break for ice cream. Not at 7/11, Amato Gelato down the street. White Chocolate Rasberry and Espresso Flake.

Walk to Kensington, find a bottle of wine (Kensington wine store, where the cheapest bottles start at $20.00, not what I was looking for but I'm going to enjoy it..), home, back at website.

By 9:30 I'm done, ready for a break and another snack at 7/11, go for a walk along the river but the sun has set, there's nothing to see (it was a beautiful night, but I was too late), then back home. Catch up on other small errands, transcribe notes, burn music onto CD's, emails, drink the wine, and so passes the day.