Saturday, an early morning searching for garage sales, a few but none of merit. And I think to round the day off with a few thrift shops when I remember that there's an antique show at the Thorncliffe Community Hall on Center Street, and so I make my way there.

Less discouraging than the garage sales, and sometimes you have to elevate yourself a bit above the typical rubbish and have a look at some real treasures. The antique fair, small compared to others that come through town, 2 small rooms, maybe 50 or 60 dealers, many of whom I know from the flea markets. For the flea market vendors this is it, a chance to show off their rare and best treasures, but I don't really want to visit with them, I see them every other Sunday. 

Of the 60 or so stalls there half are easily rubbish. The same tat you'd find at the flea market, a few stalls it's even worse, simply old people clearing out their rubbish and confused about what an "Antique" is. 

There are, however, a few worthwhile stalls and vendors I don't see so often. One has a collection of North American Artifacts, stone mauls, arrowheads, another has specialized in Victorian jewelry, some old brooches and pendants with the woven hair of the dead inside, interesting rings, some bronze bookends (and I need bookends), Millet's "The Gleaners" cast in bronze, $30.00, a more appealing art nouveau set with a naked woman hoisting the eternal flame, $150.00, good but not that good, books, but none worth owning, I make three passes over each of the rooms, find a couple of good watches, I treat myself (it's been years since I've bought a decent watch) and consider it an early retirement gift.

And that's it. Reasonable prices, modest selection, they could have been a little more picky about the dealers they invited, but if I've bought a watch it can't be that bad...