I haven't been back to the restaurant for a few weeks, 6 maybe, I've been haunted by the painting of the owner's daughter in my kitchen.

But it's time, and I'll be damned glad to be rid of it.

G is back, the G who walked out the few days before my final departure, he completes the team: Everyone is now back that has left (in the front at least), and there are some new faces as well. I catch up with the boys, the Boss's nephew and G, the girl I trained up as my replacement (looking much slimmer and quite attractive, exercise, it would seem, agrees with her), the kitchen and the suppliers are the same, we drink coffee, chat, gossip about who's come and gone (nobody important), laugh about G's departure, and like Franco his return.

The Owner returns, and there's the customary Christmas pleasantries, I give him his painting.

There's the puzzlement on his face and I explain that it's his daughter. "See" I say "2 Eyes....how many does your daughter have?..." And I go through my trademarked spiel until he's forced to concede there's a resemblance.

"Maybe" I suggest "Your daughter should have plastic surgery..." but he doesn't hear me.

"Wait" he says and whistles "Until my wife sees this....".

The boss's nephew, he likes my stuff, he wants me to do his portrait next...