Saturday up bright and early, singing "good morning" to the boy.

Image: Bell JarIt's garage sale day, week 2. And for today's choices we have a variety of possible destinations - stay in the City, there's a parade down in MacKenzie Lake, a couple of church sales. Or head out of town, there's parades of garage sales as well in Langdon and Chestermere Lake.

We decide upon Langdon. 

I've never been, it's a small town about 30 minutes east of Calgary, and we arrive at around 8:00 to start our shopping. 

There are plenty of garage sales. But after hitting a dozen, two dozen we realize it's going to be hopeless. Still we keep on; it's the same rubbish again and again, Bratz dolls, baby stuff, new Amway and Avon, everyone in Langdon, it would appear, is somehow involved in multi-level marketing. Not a single thing even slightly worth buying. Not a thing.

The boy sums it up: "It reminds me of one of those towns the US would build to test nuclear weapons..."

Eventually we give up, the final sale yielded me a few bell jars, beautiful, and a potted ivy, but the day overall is a complete writeoff.


Sunday it's the flea market, a stop at a garage sale on Memorial Drive, trinkets and baubles again, but not a single treasure. Some weeks will be like this, there are few enough weeks left, still there's some slight hope...