Countless phone calls the week prior, checking to see if we'll be open. We're not open, we're never open on Sunday, he tried it once, just for Mother's day and it wasn't worth the headache.

Still there are hundred's of calls.

On Friday night the owner takes the book home, takes every reservation that calls, he knows them all and they plead, Saturday night in lieu of Sunday will be a nightmare.

And it is. We have far more reservations than we do tables, far, far more, he's warned the hostess in his typical shriek that she should take every reservations that calls...She passes the phone to staff who turn them away. It's necessary.

By 6:30 there's an hour long line up at the door, irate customers wondering as to what the point of their reservation was, people are - justifiably - furious. Some refuse to wait, or grow tired of waiting, regular customers, and walk out. 

Just another night in hell.