Today an apocryphal quote, which I'll attribute to my father (who in turn attributes it to Piaget)

The circumstances, always relevant, are thus: Piaget, one of the founders & pioneers of the modern IQ test, on his deathbed said:

"I have gotten it wrong. It is not the answers man has that determines his intelligence, but rather the questions that he asks."

Perhaps it's true, perhaps it's not. I like it, and that's enough. The attribution to Piaget simply lends it authority.

On that note, a few links related to intelligence today (note the juxtaposition of opposite ideas: Politics:Intelligence)

First:, which offers a variety of brain teasers & IQ tests. As well try: for an interesting blog on various aspects of mind. Then, if you're feeling bad following your test(s), let this article console you: And if you want to work on developing your mind, you may find this curious: the article links savant behaviours to an inhibition center in the left brain, I think. . .I forget. I wouldn't have if I were a savant. . .time to reread the article. . .