One of Trump's lines that attracted a lot of attention in the restaurant was when Hillary accused him of paying not tax for 20 years, to which he replied "That Makes Me Smart!". Well, sorry to disagree, it means that you have smart accountants and investors working for you. But I was struck by how many of our customers - those in business, especially, but quite a few who aren't as well - agreed with him. I beg to differ. It's called "Gaming the System" - moving your offices to Ireland - think Apple and Facebook - to take advantage of greatly reduced taxes - is shit. Companies do it all the time. Good business is not good citizenry. 

If people demonstrated the same integrity that business do no taxes would ever be paid. We'd have a nation of people on EI, getting welfare, Subsidized housing, child support, free dentistry and be using the food banks and subsidized school and luncheon programs for our children. People who do this we realize intuitively are shitbags. We all collectively pay for so that they don't have to. Businesses that use similar loopholes, only many orders of magnitude greater - are shitbags as well. Trump, by his own admission, is that shitbag.