YouTube - they're trying to force me to upgrade to premium, I'm being inundated with ads, listening to longer playlists, they've set every one to auto-interrupt, I'm building a list of products I'll never, ever buy.

Christina Applegate in that dumb M&M's ad, I get in French and English. I'm never buying M&M's again. 

Grammarly? NEVER NEVER NEVER. FUCK OFF! ... And it's such a long, painful ad that I have to stop whatever I was doing and run to the computer to turn it off.

Internet Entrepreneurs showing me their flashy cars and telling me I could have one too....I don't want one. The UCP party - LOL, I'm NEVER THAT DRUNK.

The list goes on, and every new ad wires my brain to avoid that product at ALL costs...which, I think, rather defeats the purpose of their advertising as much as it defeats the purpose of my listening to uninterrupted music. I haven't burned my CD's yet, I might just have to go back to them...

But it's good to seeing they're starting to shut down:

It's not just the "Me Too" movement, it's the whole industry - "Hospitality" provides some of the most inhospitable working conditions on earth. What is frightening is how media chooses to glamorize the likes of Gordon Ramsay and create the stereotype of the forgivable culinary genius who can do and say as he pleases because his food tastes so darned good...

You know, I try to ignore it but they were all so much in the news a few weeks ago. First, in the US 4 cops beat up a black undercover officer after first tweeting things like: “It’s gonna get IGNORANT tonight!!” and  “It’s gonna be a lot of fun beating the hell out of these s---heads once the sun goes down and nobody can tell us apart!!!!”

Read more here:

But for people that think that would never happen here, not in Canada, I gotta tell you, we topped them:

First, the antics of a couple of drunk Ottawa Officers, which reads like a script for "Bon Cop Bad Cop":


Then, an officer shoots another in Niagara, apparently as a result of losing a fistfight, and the last news update was November 30...?'d think there would be a little more interest.


And it rather raises the question, what were the other 11 officer witnesses doing? Just watching? Placing bets? What does that say about the culture? WTF? (and, yes, I know the officers didn't have to be present to be witnesses, but I know - just for a moment - you considered it. And that says a lot...)

Here's a bonus: and another, try googling "Police Culture of Fear"

Why do we give the people we most wouldn't want to have guns guns? And Vests? And Cars even? Are we that crazy? It appears we are that crazy...


Now it's getting on time to make some choices, and they're already pretty much made. 

The restaurant, the past few days have ended the business, halved it, the owners are already discussing firing everyone, servers that took the precaution of getting other jobs, servers that took scheduled days off, it's a gong show, the owner's son, he's on a killing spree, wants to fire everyone, somehow they've all offended him. And I wonder why? Why the bad Karma, waitress took 2 days off but she told you when she was hired she'd need these days off...and waiter, he wants a more professional, laid back environment, really, who blames him? And the people they want to keep, me and another, well, we've got our own plans too...

The business, there's no need to fire anyone, hurt anyone's feelings, lay them off, the end of the season has come early, it's obvious, you may need them again, but out here it's how they do business...

The end of the season, I was hoping to last until the end of September, October even, but the business, it's no longer there, and to make things even more interesting my savings won't cover the move, the transplant, and then there's the issue of the jeep, the lack of transportation, the issue of I've acquired a lot of useless, unnecessary shit, and how to pack this all up, transport it, without wheels, ...