And more and more in the news, Harper the impending election. I think to myself that if Alberta can replace the Conservatives, then maybe so can the country...

It's a simple thing, ally yourself against what every customer in the restaurant is voting for and in some measure your interests may be served.

Of the many things I dislike about him (and there are quite a few), one that recently has been gathering some press is his censure of government scientists and staff.

In a democracy, this is wrong. Or, to  perhaps clarify, it is wrong, regardless, but it is especially in a country that prides itself on being a "Democracy". We pay the scientists and the Government, and have therefore rights to access their research. The censure that he's placed upon them strongly suggests not only wrongdoing, but complicity...

Any democracy - or government - in a first world country should be able to tolerate both the truth and dissent. That Harper will tolerate neither suggests we live in a dictatorship.

If only the Liberals could see that they've never had a better chance, just give us a reasonable candidate (not Justin Trudeau, sorry..).

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Note: There's something about a country that under Obama has continued to execute it's own citizens without trial or evidence calling us "Regressive". We should take notice.