Now, bought the 7.99 London Drugs Cassette Adapter. And looking at moving some music onto my Samsung Galaxy Touch pad so I can have some tunes while I'm on the road.

Only the Micro SD Card with Adapter isn't recognized by my computer. HP Elitebook 2540p. I've been here before...

In a demonstration of Passive Aggressive Genius the computer doesn't even detect my new SD Card. No recognition whatsoever. Nothing. The Cut Indirect. 

  "(2) The cut indirect, to look another way, and pretend not to see him."

I've dealt with this before, invested a minimal of time searching for answers, downloads, drivers & cures online. It's a Windows thing. Windows doesn't play well with others.

Like a fucking little Autistic squib in the playground, it barely recognizes it's own spawn and progeny, so busy is it with scanning, reflecting, diagnosing, upgrading itself...

The Nikon Camera. Windows didn't even slightly recognize. Acknowledge. Plug it in, download drivers, reboot, etc, repeat, again and again, never did it recognize Nikon. Solution, finally, move Nikon files to Linux machine, upload to Google Images.

This is how Windows fixes a lot of it's shit, relying on the user to come up with creative and elaborate workarounds to their shitty and proprietary coding. 

Follow this with Android - Samsung Galaxy phone. Attempts to transfer files on phone were met with countless suggestions to update, download new drivers, never arriving at a real solution. The final solution, of course, was to upload files to Google Drive or Images, and download again to PC. Actually, here I jest, the real final solution would be to hunt down the lead developer at Windows and kill him, but we still have some prejudices against this...give it a few more years and you'll see the light...

(1) The cut direct is to stare an acquaintance in the face and pretend not to know him.

The same with the Tablet, any attempts to directly sync with Tablet (damned Android, Galaxy, Samsung again!) result in the suggestion of countless downloads and drivers that squander time, memory and resources to no effect. Like Donald Trump, or Every White Supremacist you've ever met, Windows does not play well with others. The solution will always be the same, find another, non-proprietary unit, non-windows, move files there (the friendly OS, Linux, Even sounds friendly, like Linus from Charlie Brown...), move files there, upload to server, download to Windows, and I'm thinking of skipping a step, what step to skip, what's the common denominator here? and always, the one that doesn't play well with others is Windows.