I'm not an American, I'm not able to vote. But when I see people saying their "Voting For..." I can't help but think they're idiots. There's no one to vote for. You can only vote against the lesser of two evils. But you're not voting for anyone,  you're voting against different ideologies, levels of intelligence, competencies and levels of corruption, you can only vote against one because to argue for the other is ludicrous.

No one in America seems to want to acknowledge that it's an embarrassment, that, internationally, they're a laughingstock on a par with Putin, Theresa May and Bellusconi - part of a worrying world-wide trend, who's to blame? Never has information been more abundant and freely available and yet we're getting this?

It's hard to reconcile with the abundance of intelligent analysis and commentary we're getting that these are the people best suited to lead the United States."