It's a vanishing art, this. I know, I've tried a few, most are clowns barely fit to change a battery, but he's different, his walls are lined with European & Swiss certifications, He's in his 60's and he's been doing this all his life, as has his father before him.

I've been coming here almost 20 years. He's the best watch repairman in Western Canada.

He works out of his basement, watchmaker chests full of crystals, mainsprings, gears and cogs, catologues, wall and tables covered in clocks, cuckoo and chiming, movements open everywhere. He used to have a shop, but it's long since closed, now he looks after a few clients from his basement, most of his business from local jewellers who make a hefty markup on his services. It's a treat, once or twice a year, when I bring in my watches to be fixed - there's always a few new ones to have checked out, a few old ones that need servicing. His rates, if you're not going through a jeweller, are excellent - this trip, 1 Rolex, 2 Longines, a Hamilton and an Accutron restored to working order for slightly more than a hundred dollars. There's a few others, Omega, Longines, that will cost more and he wants my go-ahead before he proceeds

We sit and chat, go through the repairs, look about the store at the clocks being repaired, he shows me some exceptional watches he's gotten in, we talk about politics, the decline of craftsmanship. He's glad of the business, not for the money but because so much of what he does now is change batteries, fix quartz watches, "Made in Japan", it's a break from the monotony to exercise his skills

The boy, he doesn't value these watches, not yet, I've promised him that they're his inheritance, tried to inculcate in him a love of craftsmanship and all things fine, he's politely interested but I can tell he doesn't see the point. And, after all, what is the point? By the time he inherits the collection, these vintage and antique Longines and Rolexes, Bulovas, Zodiacs, Chronographs and other fine assorted watches there will be no one left to fix them. They will be worthless. And why would you fix them, when you could buy a new battery operated one for a fraction of the price?

I want to bring him here, so maybe he sees this, the fast-extinct craftsman at his table, in his shop.

It's too late, but maybe then he'll understand.