It's independent film night with the boy, and I've got to go downtown to pick up our tickets for the animated objects festival. I'm multitasking.

And as we're downtown we stop into Milestones on Stephen Avenue Mall. Now really, IFN should be about independent & foreign films, and by extension independent and exotic restaurants, but we're already there and so we take a chance. We're hungry.

And it's lousy. Lousy not just in a "we ripped off Earl's Menu" kinda way, but in a "We ripped off Earl's menu and Denny's chef's" kinda way. Lousy, lousy food. A spinach/artichoke dip that had the consistency of melted butter with bits of green goop floating in it (spinach? Parsley?). A waiter that couldn't make eye contact (although I appreciated the fact they hired older waiters, Earl's could learn a lesson or two there) and scurrilously lit our lamp and had to write down an order for 2 - for 2. A burger with less meat on it than a McDonald's cheeseburger, a dessert that tasted vaguely of chocolate and I suspect was imported from the dessert cafe on 14 St (where they import things from I don't know...). Flat soda pop. A fine decor that looked like it might have once been expensive, but the carpet hadn't been vacuumed or cleaned in what I suspect were years, and there were chips here and there, small details of decay that spoke of the ruinous meal that awaited.

Summary? Don't go. Walk further up Stephen Avenue Mall and take a chance somewhere - anywhere - else. No stars here. Not a one.