It's a great story, and the Florida setting and the "newsprint photo" lend it the air of verisimilitude, unfortunately it's a hoax.

Similar: Smithsonian Barbie on Snopes

In the absence of anything interesting in my own life at the moment I'll take you on a tour of, well, more interesting things.

Like this fellow, who inherited a bigfoot body from his pa who shot it in 1953 and stages "Bigfoot Unboxings" on YouTube.

Links: (the Head) & this one:

Upon first watching I was taking him at his word, not that there was Bigfoot, of course, but that he somehow came into some preposterous shit and was just crazy enough to believe it. The boy assures me I've lived too long in Foon and that he's taking the piss. Either way he's one-of-a kind batshit brilliant. I mean, the pigeon landing on his head? Genius!

And then there's the weirdest British Television Commercials:

...and the Best Christmas Ever (also courtesy of the UK): Did I mention what I want for Christmas? Never mind...

Then there was Mitch O'Connell's collection of Swinger Ads from print magazines, The Craigslist of yesteryear, only - if you can believe it, even more fucked up. No, really...



 Yeah, and those are I suspect mostly the tame ones. Then there's the 100KG bust of Cocaine at the Sweetgrass border crossing:

100,000 "hits of cocaine", via the Calgary Herald, Law Enforcement clearly hasn't got a clue, Cocaine is sold in "grams", which are roughly .7 grams in weight and cut usually in excess of 50% with tranquilizers, anti-depressants or other drugs, meaning a 100 KG of Cocaine will yield the enterprising dealers in excess of 300, 000 "Grams" of saleable merchandise, which is generally portioned out in "Lines" on bathroom and kitchen counter-tops. 1 "Gram" yields several lines, depending on tastes and budget. 

These people work in enforcing laws about things of which they haven't got a fucking clue. They make Mr. Bigfoot head look like a fucking trained professional. How did it ever come to this?

And finally, completing the full days round of ridiculousness and prevarications with the Pentagon's disclosure of 22 Million dollars spent investigating what amount's to UFO's. I want to believe, I really do, but there are too many possibilities not considered (reflections, objects closer to camera, on camera lenses, problems with software interpreting images, etc) before I get on the "They're Here" bandwagon. And - given the allocation of the contract to a very interested party - hardly objective - I'm thinking that this is just a ridiculous cover-up of misspent patronage. Nonetheless:, Note there's no mention of how these "alloys" were recovered, or any other details, it's all just titillation and misdirection, folks, nothing to see here...

Ha, I'd almost completely forgotten about this, Coast to Coast AM Radio, the late night talk-radio show that captures the paranoia and diversity of middle-America, formerly hosted by Art Bell, now by George Noory, both enormously skilled at the liberalness and patience required to entertain their guests. Their whole "Gosh, really???" attitude sells every guest, and with a call-in hotline that encourages every nut in the country to phone in and contribute, it's a much a part of America as Route 66...


Note that to listen to their old programs you need a paid subscription, (the news and articles are generally free) but depending on where you live - you can hear their programming on AM radio stations around Canada and the US. Essential fare for the overnight road trips with children, if you want to ensure lively discussion and the likelihood they won't get a solid nights sleep the entire rest of the vacation...

If you don't have a working car radio you can listen to them via: or a bit of searching will turn up other classic episodes (try YouTube).