Addicted, searching all the sites for an episode as soon as one is released, there are always some if you look long enough, but you end up looking at a lot of shit. "Click on Link in the Description...."s, BS this, or you watch it surrounded by flowers, or flipped or overzoomed, painful, really, the steps people have to take to avoid takedown notices, The History Channel should merely post it online with commercials, monetize it themselves, someone there surely must understand the internet. In any event I found an overzoomed copy, painful, but it would do.

The news this week: The Sniper Leaves. This was the one I thought looked like Leonardo Di Caprio, but upon reflection decided more like Matt Damon. 

4 people remain. 

In this word on the Anthropologist. She didn't appear this episode, and it bodes well for her future survival, all is well we can presume. Emphasis is given to those contestants who will be leaving. Larry continues with his Musophobia and kills (and eats) 2 mice, as well as some crabs. David, the Preacher, finds a buffet of crabs and is rejuvenated. Jose fixes and sails his Kayak, he's about to embark upon some adventures...

With the Sniper, he had the skills, was bored and fed by 11:00 Am. It was an existential crisis..."what am I doing out here..." sort of thing...

Other contestants have used this excuse, but with him, given his personality, training, philosophy, it didn't seem to be so much a cop-out. Merely a realization that he expected more of life, offered more, and, as I've stated before, this being alone, comfortable with yourself, it's not for everyone. 

Meanwhile, I'm amazed at the tenacity of David & Larry, they both have hung on far longer than I would have expected, and as their characters develop I'm finding them more and more interesting...4  episodes to go.